Sunday, July 17, 2016

Event 1: OCMA

On July 9th, I went to the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) with my 9 year old cousin. It was absurd to me because I have never heard of OCMA until I saw Professor Vesna's "Events You Can Attend This Quarter", yet I only live 20 minutes away. Even though I just finished my freshman year at UCLA, I always heard about going to the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA) but it is quite interesting to see how these cultures give off a different vibe about art.

There was 3 exhibitions that were opened that day:  Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty, We Were Here: Absence of The Figure, and The Pacific Project: Yuki Kihara. My favorite being the exhibition of Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty.

Pop Rocks - Marilyn Minter

I was completely intrigued by this exhibition. Marilyn Minter incorporate contradictory feelings through the female body and femininity. Almost all of her artwork contains specifically body parts like lips, painted toenails, and the tongue. Some may view her artwork as provocative and disturbing but I view as a deviation from traditional artwork. Like my 9 year old, she found it very odd when she saw an art piece that had a male genitalia with 3 red lipped women with their tongues out of their mouth. Minter's art pieces are very detailed and aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colors. You do not really see this vibrancy from other artists. Another thing I noticed is that Minter used colors like pink, red, and blue in most of her artwork to convey femininity and to attract eyes.
Black Orchid - Marilyn Minter
Minter's exhibition really reminded of Orlan's artwork. I think I connected their boldness and their lack of traditional-type art. Both of them are really bold and controversial in different ways but in some way similar. The way they portray their art is very graphic and open to interpretation. I think that is the key similarity. It is really refreshing to see art like these two talented artist. This world needs this and also our generation needs it. 

Opera Surgery-Performance - Orlan
The second exhibition I viewed was the Pacific Project by Yuki Kihara. It is a 6 minute art video named, Maui Descending A Staircase. This 6 minute silent video seems to ridicule the stereotype of Samoan men. In this silent but meaningful video, there is a message about physique, gender, society, and awareness. Through technology, Kihara is able to bring awareness of racial stereotype while stringing other important issues involving Samoan men. This was very influential to me because my best friend is Samoan and the video points out stereotypes that are still alive in our society without using dictation. This art video is truly powerful and embodies an important message.

Maui Descending A Staircase
The last exhibition I viewed was We Were Here: Absence of The Figure. This exhibition was very different from the others. Like the title, most of the images convey the feeling of emptiness or the feeling of missing something. There are 13 different artists presented in this exhibition. Most of the artwork were of outside landscape to convey the openness and the "Absence of The Figure" vibe. My favorite art piece from Robert Olsen. This art piece has huge contrast of light and dark which usually conveys and eerie feeling but instead it feels nostalgic. The message I take away from this even though you cannot go back, even though there is darkness, light shines through.

I recommend other students to go to OCMA because they change their exhibitions every few months (as of right now, the galleries are closed). I went to OCMA with low expectation because my lack of knowledge of the museum but this experience exceeded any expectations at all. OCMA will not disappoint even an art skeptic.

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