Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 2: MedTech + Art

·      With medicine and art coming together, they are both assets to help each other. Vesna claims that doctors have guided artist through anatomy of the human body. Both artists and doctors might as well have the common fascination of the human body and that the human body is art. 
Book that aided artists about the human body
      Medicine have helped artists identify the internal and external parts of the body but today we see art (beauty) influence medicine technology through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is all around us. My friends have gotten it and society is to blame. MedTech has advanced to the point where natural anatomy is altered to what society is"beautiful"not for the original purpose. plastic surgery is becoming so relevant to our society that there will be a lack of genuineness and diversity. Diversity is what makes this world beautiful. What is considered beautiful came from paintings of women like Mona Lisa, Venus, and others, which I will talk about a modern day artist that using her own plastic surgeries as art.
Boticelli's Venus, known
for her ideal chin

La Réincarnation de Sainte ORLAN

  The video below is about a French artist, Orlan and
  her thoughts about her work. Through the intro of her video, I was a bit repulsed by the morbid artwork 
but as she started to explain why she hated nature, I began to understand her just a bit. She uses her 
   own body to tool to create "performance-surgeries" art. Although I do not agree with the content she creates, I do respect that she deviates from traditional art and that she opposes natural  determinism, social and politic and to all domination forms, male supremacy, religion, cultural segregation and racism, etc. She is admirable because she is doing what she loves while advocating for her moral ethics.

A quote from Virgil Wong says "Medicine helps us live longer. Art is why we live". I find this quote particularly ironic relating to plastic surgery because the dangers of it. This may have been true before plastic surgery became normal for an appearance boost. But now because of art and beauty, medicinal technology could lead to our own demise. A death under the knife may not be considered a freak accident in this day and age. 

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  1. Hi Lilia,

    I really liked what you said about plastic surgery leading to a lack of "genuineness and diversity." I also explored plastic surgery but as I was thinking about the immense growth in popularity of cosmetic surgeries, I was thinking more about the detrimental effects that these unnecessary procedures can have on the human body. I think it is even more crazy to think that with each passing day we are losing those traits that make us unique in our beauty, but rather becoming a copy-paste model of what the beauty ideal is deemed to be.

    One thing that I have noticed recently is that all instagram models are beginning to look exactly the same. The majority of them are altering their lips to become fuller, and as a result they are losing a huge part of their unique facial construction. Instagram is a platform that reaches a huge audience of all ages, but it is also a huge and influential took for young people. Imagine the ideal of beauty that is being portrayed to the little girls that feel like they need to replicate the most popular look in order to feel beautiful.

    In this world, it seems that we are never satisfied with our looks. Even those who are deemed the most beautiful, still find imperfections in themselves. Cosmetic surgeries are only making the situation worse by encouraging people to find imperfections and, in turn, become a population of people that look more and more exactly alike.

  2. I feel the same about Orlan's art as you. Although her way of expressing the art is hard to accept, she is doing this with a clear purpose in her mind. Unlike many young girls who are making impulsive decision about taking plastic surgeries nowadays, Orlan tries to promote her own interpretation of beauty instead of chasing after others' standard. In this sense I think she is admirable.